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My journey to health and wellness was inspired by Joe Cross and his movie/documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I grew up on meat and potatoes and saw very few veggies and even less fruit.  A cup of coffee was my breakfast and most days I would go without lunch then end up eating not-so-healthy food at dinner – usually late at night.

I have been wanting to change these habits for some time now. When I stumbled across Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I had one of those ‘Aha’ moments. I’ve always instinctively known that there was something more to veggies than even I suspected and if I could drink coffee for breakfast why couldn’t I drink veggie juice.

I started out with a (mostly green) juice here, a (mostly green) juice there. Before I knew it, my body started telling me that it wanted more. When I had my green juice, on a regular, I would feel more alert, not bloated, more motivated to get done what needed to be done in the run of a day and less impatient. It just felt right.

Now, my intentions are to have at least one to two (mostly green) juices during the day and choose healthier foods for dinner.

I want to say a great, big, heartfelt thank you to Joe Cross. You have been an inspiration and a game-changer for me.

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