It’s Friday! Woohoo

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning, enjoyed my hot lemon water. Got dressed and headed out. I must confess, I have a habit. Call it good, call it bad. I don’t care. I call it- living and having fun. But I car dance. Yes, that’s right. If a good tune comes on- I crank that volume and let go. If you don’t car dance- try it. You’ll feel younger.

When I got back home- I got my 95 crunches done. I also made a fresh juice which I poured over ice because I can’t stand warm juice. Pictured below is a celery, cucumber, kale, Apple and lemon juice 😊 so good!


Before juicing I hated HATED kale, now I love it and can eat it raw 😍

what’s one fruit or veg you once hated but now love?

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