National Sandwich day

It’s National Sandwich Day, and I had a veggie burger for lunch, so that counts. Sorry no pictures about that… it was just a veggie burger, nothing special – no mac n cheeze added, or tater tots, or anything like that. So, for supper I pulled out another recipe that I have made before. It was really the sauce I was after, but that stuff I could just drink. It’s that good.

I cut up my veggies, broccoli, zucchini, carrot, celery, onion. (Yes, I love my mason jars)

imageUsed my zester, to zest some garlic and ginger

imageCooked my veggies in the wok


Mixed up

imageDinner is made. I might add some rice or noodles to it, if I could only stop eating it out the wok. We can always pretend, I made a wrap out of it, or a grilled sandwich…….

What did you make tonight for dinner?

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