National Nacho Day

I just found out that today is National Nacho Day, so you know what that means right? CHIPS FOR DINNER!!!!!! Don’t worry, there will be veggies. And it only happens once a year, and it is healthier than take out. If you want you can make your own chips – but I’m going for a classic junk food Friday night to enjoy during our movie night.

I’ve been looking at the internets for some inspiration, I have a tried and true recipe already, but I wanted to try something new. I have some recipes that I would like to share with you. I have never tried them, so I don’t know how they will turn out, however, they sound awesome. And easy…. the hard part is narrowing down which one I want to make. I wonder how it would taste on pasta, then grilled in a sandwich? Ok now I’m just making myself hungry.

THIS sauce by Dreena is MY GO TO sauce. Its thick, creamy, gives good sauce coverage, I could eat it off the spoon its that good. Get the recipe vegveeta dip. Just don’t complain if you can’t make enough- I warned you it was GOOD!!!

Dana over at  Minimalist Baker has a nacho sauce that is cashew, soy, dairy and gluten free, and remember when I said to add veggies to your nacho’s? Well the main star of this baby is eggplant. I don’t have any eggplant, I wonder how zucchini how fare? I mean they are almost the same thing right? If I make this recipe, I will update and let you know how it was. Here’s the recipe.

Angela over at Oh She Glows, had me at Quick and Dirty sauce, ok it’s more of a Mac n cheese sauce, or a cheezy sauce for rice, beans, potatoes- but it needed to be mentioned. Now you have you dinner planned for tomorrow. Your welcome.

Savanna over at Gluten Free Vegan Pantry has a sauce that looks so good. I want to lick the screen, but I will control myself, only because I’m in public. The screen next time, may not be so lucky. The only thing I’m not liking about this recipe is the butter- BUT it does have veggies in it. Carrots, potatoes and onion. So I can not just write this recipe off. This deserves a mention… plus who am I kidding- it’s for nacho’s. It’s ok it have some junky foods once and awhile. Enjoy the recipe Vegan nacho cheese sauce.

Richa over at Vegan Richa said it right, when she said “There can never be enough Vegan Nachos”. She knows what she’s talking about. This sauce looks really good. She even took the time to share her recipe to make it a complete meal. So this is a place you want to visit first 🙂 The sauce takes minutes to whip up- so a great week night sauce. No excuses. I’ve made lots of recipes by her, and they were never disappointing. Keep this on hand for any game day parties if you want to impress your guests. Here’s the recipe Nut free nacho cheese.

Kristi over at Veggie on a Penny has a recipe on her blog that she Adapted from  Vegan Yumminess  this offers the carrot and potato mixture. The spices look like the would all work together, and it doesn’t take much effort or time to make. Get the recipe here: Cheese sauce

Lindsey over at Happy Herbivore, has a low-fat nacho sauce. And it calls for roasted red peppers. How yummy is that? It would also help in coloring the sauce naturally, which I love. It seems completely effortless and does sound good. Here’s the recipe Low fat nacho sauce

Greg and Georgia over at Full Of Beans has another carrot, potato mixture- but this has jalapeño peppers in it! Oh yummy. Another quick and easy recipe nacho sauce – you have to head over to their site. The name alone should make you want to go. I’m going to be surfing their site a little later on. And read their journey.

Andrew over at Ingredient Chef has a cheese sauce that has cashews that’s infused with smoked paprika. Need I say more. Everyone knows about my love affair with smoked paprika. I can’t get enough. I wonder if there’s a group for that? Not to get support for quitting, but more like a food porn group. Actually that could be dangerous…. anyways let’s get back to Andrew’s sauce. He pairs it with maple chili tempeh, I’m not a fan of tempeh, but he makes it look and sound really good. You can find his recipe here: loaded nacho’s

Susan over at Fat Free Vegan has a beautiful dish roasted cauliflower bites with vegan nacho cheese sauce. This has my name all over it. Looks quick and easy, it has sweet potato in it. Perfection. Head over there and check out the recipe: Cauliflower with nacho cheese.

Somer from Vedged Out has a serious kick ass recipe. Roasted red peppers, coconut milk, potato. Serious, this needs to be made. Quick and simple- your pasta would be jealous of your nacho’s. Check out this delish guilt free nacho sauce.

Isa from Post Punk Kitchen has a recipe, and it uses veggie broth. The only thing hard about this recipe is soaking the nuts. Check it out Cashew queso

I ended up making Dreena’s dip  So satisfying 🙂




What are your fav toppings?

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