Szechuan Sauce Heaven! – Take-out Food No More

After a few times of Brandi telling me, ‘I swear you will never order take-out again when you try this’, I decided to give it a go.   O  M  G is all I have to say.  It took all I had not to lick the sauce from the hot pan, but I did lick it from the spatula.  I told Brandi that I would have to be half dead from exhaustion in order to justify take-out again (and that still wouldn’t be a good enough excuse) because this recipe is that easy to do and that scrumptious…and way, way healthier than take-out.


The recipe can be found on page 136 of The Easy Vegan Cookbook by Kathy Hester

For once in my life I followed a recipe to a tee (the sauce).  And, anyone who knows me, knows that is near impossible for me to do.  What have you done to me Kathy?!?  LOL.  I will never order take-out again.

So, that was on a Friday night that I first tried the Szechuan sauce.  Did I have to try it again AND so soon??  Yes, yes I did.  The following Friday night, I made the sauce with these veggies…..Oh, all that is holy…super delicious!


I added baby potatoes and asparagus…Taste buds delighted…need I say more?

3 thoughts on “Szechuan Sauce Heaven! – Take-out Food No More

    1. I have been searching forever and a day for something that would be close to ‘Chinese take-out’ (‘order in’). Something that would be simple yet delicious. You have done it for me. Yours is way, way better than take-out something which I will never have to do again thanks to you. Thank you Kathy!!

  1. This and the spicy garlic sauce is worth the purchase of the book alone!!! So quick and easy! And the sauce goes with every veggie on earth!! Hate Brussels sprouts?! Pour this liquid goodness on them- they will be you fav veggie ever!

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