Getting sauced with the Easy Vegan Cookbook

I wanted to make Kathy Hester’s one pot veggie vodka pasta – so I made her Mushroom, red pepper pasta sauce. No shrooms though- the first and last time I had them- I was at old man’s bar and thought a of couple guys were sailors. Yeah ok- not the mushrooms Kathy calls for- I was just trying to be funny. I just don’t care for mushrooms. But the sauce is still great! You can find the recipe on page 85 of the easy vegan cookbook.


The sauce took about 1/2 hour to make, and it’s very good! If I was in a hurry to make the pasta, I would make it the sauce a day ahead of time.

Random thought: I do not like my can opener  the dollar store ones are better, unless I just ended up with a dud


Anyway, back to the pasta.


Throw everything into 1 pot. I used a wok.


15 mins later, I was eating this hearty, tasty, easy meal!! This is going into rotation. If you don’t want to use Vodka you can leave it out- but I’m sure it adds a depth of flavour.

If you want to try this pasta for yourself- head over to Richa’s site. Seriously, if you have 15 mins, you have time to make this. I’m sure the left overs will be great!! And not only was the dish easy to make- ONE pot to clean…. Perfect! If you have a copy of the Easy Vegan Cookbook flip to page 90.

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