Wacky Cake

I have no idea who invented this cake, but it is believed it had to do with rationing during the war. It can be topped with icing, ice cream, dusting of powered sugar, or just leave it plain. As tomorrow is Remembrance Day, I thought that this cake should be made. Once I bake it, there will be a picture or maybe two. But for now I leave you with a website so you can make it for yourself tomorrow.

This recipe is the closet that I can give you as mine can be found in the  Sarah Kramer’s go vegan app: Where’s The Revolution is where you can find it. I’m sure if you don’t want to use oil, sub it with applesauce or date paste (date paste is really easy to make- it’s basically soaked dates and mash them up into a paste)

What is your fave wacky cake recipe? Or even your go to cake recipe?

I should buy some wraps tomorrow, I’ve been eating a lot of treats. I blame my kids as they love my baking. I can blame them right? I don’t want to adult right now.


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