National Pizza Day

I love National days, I kinda use it as a meal planner. So, you know how excited I am today? Going to make homemade dough, and top it with broccoli, zucchini, onions and pineapple and serve it  with appropriate homemade garlic ranch  bite/ dip ratio 🙂 Perfect.

Did you know Julie Hasson has a book called Vegan Pizza? 50 cheesy, crispy healthy recipes. You should check it out. The link I provided gives you a dough recipe and a pizza topping idea. The mixture does sound weird- but she knows what she doing.

Dana over at Minimalist Baker has a wicked pizza recipe – sautéed veggies with herbs topped with parm? Now that make me drool.

I wish I would stop looking at the Internet for pizza ideas when I already know what I want. But, I like to give you options. But after telling you what I was going to do, then  going through Julie’s book, then heading to Dana and John’s site- I think I’ve given you enough options. There’s so many great pizza recipes out there you can make a new one each night before you run out. I give you permission to have yourself a love affair with the pizzas.


The above pizza just has pineapple, onion and cheeze – so good!

What are your fave toppings?

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