The snooze button is trying to kill me

I swear to my God it is trying to kill me. I set my alarm for 6 am- knowing full well the snooze button is a trusted friend of mine. I hit it every ten mins until it’s 7 am. But this morning, laying in bed- stretching, falling in and out of sleep while listening to the birds- I had a really hard time breaking up with my bed. So I continued my love affair with my bed until 8:30 while my alarm clock rang out jealously (every damn 10 mins) competing with my phone’s alarm sounding like jealous lovers.

I finally jumped out out of bed, realizing that my bed was like a secret lover who was selfish not letting me go- making me intoxicated with sleepy eyes- I needed to get going. Wake the kids up, and get them to school even though school started 5 mins ago.

I had to pull the kids out of their beds as their beds had a firm grip on them as well, finally we were out the door. Start the car- of course I needed air for my tire. Not bad. They were only 1 1/2 hr late. If it wasn’t for the parent/teacher interview tonight- I would’ve called in a stress day.

Believe me, when the snooze is trying to kill you- it’s a legit reason. I can not wait to feel my blankets wrapped around me while I lay on my bed with my head all comfy in the pillows…… But for now- I will have a juice!


How many times do you hit the snooze before you get up?

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