My 10 year old-self and Juice

I lost my motivation yesterday. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Didn’t feel like cleaning, laundry, cooking basically adulting. I didn’t adult much of the day. Still wearing my pj’s at 2 pm and hungry it was only natural to make a grilled cheeze. Right? It was an effort to defrost two slices of bread and butter them up and throw on 2 slices of cheeze.

Have you guys ever tried Chao from Field Roast yet?

imageThis cheeze is the best. Great on crackers, by itself and grilled cheeze. I bought the peppered kind this time around, and I have tried the plain one. BOTH are great!!!! Look at my sandwich…..

imageOf course I paired this with ketchup, that’s what the inner 10-year-old self wanted.

After eating this I made three types of juice. That’s about the only adulting I did. Plus I actually got dressed to make them 🙂

imageCarrots, apples and lemon

imageParsnips and pears


oranges, apples and lemon


Look at the beautiful juice!!!! Very tasty! And because I was still feeling lazy, I put a bag in the container to catch the pulp.


Apple bags come in handy. You can also use the bags you put your produce in. I didn’t save the pulp, but Kayla does and she uses it for soups and such. If you want more juice ideas check out Joe’s site. He has tons 🙂

What is your favorite lazy day meal or juice?

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