When one plans ahead, one has yummy dinner

On Tuesday I had potatoes baking in the oven, rice cooking in my instant pot and three recipes in mind, as I was eating my left over soup. I love Laura’s new book Vegan-ease, and while I didn’t want the recipes for dinner that night, I knew I wanted to try them for Wednesday’s dinner. And seeing how I prepped the main ingredients the day before- all I had to do was some chopping of veggies and assemble the rest of the ingredients. A teaspoon of this, 1/4 teaspoon of that, wrap and bake. EASY!!!

The first dish I made was an oven fried casserole : rice, broccoli, ginger, garlic. I added onions and celery to it. Look how pretty it looks- this is before it was cooked.


Put foil in it and pop it into the oven and cook for 45 mins. Clean the kitchen and voila : this happens


This tastes like good old fashioned, home made soup that your grandma cooked, or the recipe that has been handed down for generations. Only no broth. It’s comfort in a bowl.

Now, time for the potatoes. I baked 5, two for chilli chickpea stuffed spuds (3 for fries). I cooked the chickpeas in the IP, but you can used canned for extra ease. Plus I baked the potatoes ahead of time- saved me about an 1 in the kitchen. (Though I could’ve baked them when I cooked my casserole)

Check these bad boys out:


They are just waiting to be put in the oven. Once baked they have a wonderful texture- crunch from the chickpeas, softness from the potatoes. Has a great flavour from the chilli powder and smoked paprika. I can see warm salsa going on these even though it does not need any extra flavour or texture. They are great! In fact I might have had one for breakfast 🙂


See?!?!?!  Plan ahead and you shall be happy!! Tonight, I’m making fries. I’m also going to freeze some of the casserole in appropriate serving containers and putting it in the freezer- for those days I don’t feel like cooking but want a healthful homemade meal.

How do you like your potatoes?

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