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First off, let me tell you what a beautiful laid out book Vegan Ease by Laura Theodore is. Every page, or at least everything page has drool worthy pictures tempting you all the way through the book.

The book is divided into 3 parts. The first part is about why you should eat plant based and gives you a table of equivalent measures, which let’s face it, this takes the thinking out of having to figure out how to double or half the recipes. Why anyone would want to half anything in this book is beyond me, but…. just in case you do.

Then the 2nd part is about the recipes:

Fast appetizers and fun beverages, good morning eye openers, muffins quick breads and baked goods, simple soups, salad’s dressings and sandwiches, pasta’s and pizza, the main dish made eas-y, sunny sides, easiest. desserts. ever, fancy finishes and stress free holiday recipes.

So far I’ve made baked beef steak fries (pg 158), chili chick pea stuffed spuds (pg 160), spicy baked fries (click on link for recipe or see pg 161 in book)


oven fried rice casserole (pg 1380  and maple- chili brussels sprouts (pg 216) and roasted cauliflower and green pea soup.

Part 3 is: The menu please and tips of planning a party and some menu’s.

This are all very easy to make. Keep in mind that this book is about entertaining, so you won’t find a lot of recipes that are quick – 20 min or less type quick. Although the maple – chili brussels sprouts are about 30 mins 🙂 If you plan ahead, any of these recipes will work nicely for week night meals. Maybe bake a few potatoes the night before, or bake some when your baking something else. Using canned chickpeas instead of cooking dried ones will save time. If you have an instant pot use it to save time cooking rice, beans, potatoes. This book is awesome for being able to put together healthful, beautiful meals- put it in the oven and 40-60 mins later- your guests will be letting you know that you have prepared a better than 5 star restaurant quality meal.

I’m making another potato recipe tonight, along with maybe a scramble or something. I love potatoes 🙂

I did not get paid, or receive a free copy of this book although if Laura wanted to send me a copy- I wouldn’t say no. I borrowed it from the local library, but I’m going to buy this. I think this should be in everyone’s kitchen. Laura has taken care of the menu planning for you, so all you have to do is cut, chop, mix, cook and mingle with your guests (even if your by guests that means having a Tuesday night meal with the fam). I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we have.

Below are some of the dishes I’ve made to date, if your interested in taking a look.

chili-maple-brussels-sproutsoven fried rice and chili chickpea stuffed spudsoven-baked-friesroasted-cauliflower-and-green-pea-soup

What is your fav recipe from this book so far? Drop us a line….

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