Holiday potatoes and a scramble

I do love my potatoes and tofu scramble. They go hand in hand. My comfort food, my don’t have to think food, satisfying and I love the left over food.

I’m still working my way through Laura’s Vegan Ease book. I seriously can’t believe how many potatoe dishes that are the star of the meal, and not just cubed into the dish.

I made her holiday Rosemery smash spuds. Such an easy and simple yet had an elegant feel to them. I think next time I might add a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice after they’ve been cooked, and I didn’t have crushed Rosemery but I would recommend it- unless you like little pineneedle like herbs in your dish. I really don’t mind. But next time I will take that extra step. Sharon Palmer has an interview and the recipe on her site. Make them – seriously.

I didn’t have any English muffins, but wanted to try her method of making tofu scramble for her tofu veg-muffin (this would make an excellent breakfast, served with a side of hash browns or home potatoes of course). This dish is pretty good! Moister than what I normal make- but in a good way. I’m use to making a version of Isa’s tofu scramble, which is more dry (I don’t follow her recipe, I just wing it now). I did like the way Laura’s scramble held up the next day. (My way is more dry and maybe I should add water before I re-heat, but I can be lazy)

Another two great dishes from The Vegan Ease! Seriously, the dish is tastier than what I could make it look like  I’m only using my iPhone to snap pics.

What are your favorite brunch foods?


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