Smoky Potato Scramble

I do eat more than just home fries and scrambles. Even though I just made one a few nights before, I came across a picture on Facebook. Did it ever look good. I knew I had to make it. So I did what most would do and ask which book it’s from or if the recipe was online? This creation is printed in the Vegan Dinner by Julie’s Kitchenette (page 44)




This is a one pot meal! If you are making mashed potatoes make cook a few extra potatoes for this dish, or left over cooked potatoes will work, that way you don’t need to boil the potatoes first therefore making it a two pot dinner 🙂

It has everything you could want – moist, with a nice crunch to the potatoes,  a nice onion, garlic flavour with a hint of smokiness. It’s truly yummy! You must try this. Trust me: you can never have enough potato/ scramble recipes.


What herbs do you like in your scramble?

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