Homemade Chirstmas Gift


I wanted to share this with everyone because it’s easy, simple yet smells refreshing. I came along a blog post by Kathy Hester, called DIY body powder. I showed it to my daughter and she asked if we could make it. Of course, that’s an excellent gift idea. I had everything in my cupboard to make it- we just needed some bottles.

We went to the dollar store, found the perfect sized shaker bottles, bought some without really thinking about how many we needed. Came home and she got to work. She decorated the bottles, made her gift bags and cards. Got to work on mixing the ingredients and scooping the wonderful smelling powder into the bottles. (Ignore the tablecloth, there’s certain areas in my life where I can be lazy. Changing tablecloths is one of them)


We ran out of bottles- so I had to go back out the next day. Finished them at school during lunch. Her friends came over and asked what was smelling so good. She told them. Then her friends asked me for the recipe (these girls are in grade three!)

I gave them and everyone else who asked me for the recipe this link Kathy’s body powder so they can make their mom, aunties, grandma’s, friends this magical peppermint concoction.


I had a chat with a few of my friends who asked me- you just happened to have peppermint extract in your cupboard? Yes, plus everything else. I mean who doesn’t have these things in hand?!

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