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I was doing a search to see what books were being released over the next few months, and some big names have tasty looking books coming out. Here are some books I think you should buy based on their previous work.

Who doesn’t know Jill Nussinow, aka The Veggie Queen? Her last book The New Fast Foods was a HUGE hit. Well, she’s releasing Vegan Under Pressure* in Jan 2016……. You can use a stove top pressure cooker or the instant pot. I know lots of you got an IP for Christmas, now you can put it to good use  🙂 Check out Jill’s site The Veggie Queen for recipes, tips, to buy her books.



Ginny Kay McMeans is the host of Vegan In The Freezer*. I  got excited when I heard she’s coming out with a book. This lady is amazing, she tells you how to make healthful meals ahead of time, tells you exactly how you should be storing your food and she makes batch cooking easy. Her new book being released in Jan 2016 is called Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook: 125 freezer friendly recipes. This would make a perfect gift for anyone you know  that is having a baby this year, or under going surgery or going through something where they may not have the time to make a meal, but has the time to cook something off.


Terry Hope Romero’s 8th book is called Protein Ninja*. It has about 100 protein packed flavorful recipes to help you menu plan, make your friends jealous, and get some talk happening around the water cooler. No, I have not made any of these recipes, but, have you heard about Cupcakes Take Over The World or Veganomicon? How about Vegan Eats World? Just a few of the titles she wrote or co-wrote, and those books are amazing…. so why would this be any different? Check out Terry’s site Vegan Latina for books, recipes, news, events- did I mention recipes? Her new book is available for pre-order and will be hitting the shelves in Feb 2016.


Robin Robertson’s 100 Best Vegan Recipes*  will be hitting the shelves in March 2016. Did you know Robin has written over 20 books? Wow that lady is busy. But glad she is because that means more treats for us 🙂 I’m still working through her latest book, Cook  The Pantry. But I’m looking forward to this release. Head on over to Robin’s site for recipes, to find out more about her.


What book catches your eye? I want all of them 🙂

Note* the pictures are from and contain affiliate links.

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