Vegan Bowls

I won the book Vegan Bowls, by Zsu Dever during one of the #veganfoodchats I took part in on twitter. The chats are hosted by The Food Duo every Sun and Wed at 8 EST. Thank you!!

This book covers all of the types of bowls you could ever want grain, sauteed, pasta, grilled, salad, soup, breakfast and build your own bowls. There’s a section called “just in case basics” where she gives you handy tips on how to make your own broth, sauce, curry paste and more. There’s everything from traditional to original, and from the recipe I tried and by looking at the rest of the recipes these are better than restaurant quality, that don’t take a lot of time. I love how Zsu give “quick tips” for every recipes saving you even more time in the kitchen. This is not one pot cooking, but everything ends up in one bowl 🙂

When the book arrived, I decided to make the first recipe I saw, which was kidney bean cottage pie bowl… so yummy, and it has wine in it. It’s better than your mothers Shepard’s pie! There’s so many layers of flavor!



I’m so glad I decided to make my first choice blindly like that because everything sounds so good: Hungarian breakfast bowl, cinnamon toast breakfast bowl, pasta e fagioli bowl, mac n cheese bowl, both types of risotto’s, Indonesian bowl, I could go on- but I’m making myself hungry. I can not share the recipe I made with you, but I did a search and found one I can share, and it’s one that I’m going to be making next. I hope you enjoy it. indonesian stir fried noodles bowl.

What is your favorite bowl?


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