The Protein Ninja Book Review

There are two parts, to The Protein Ninja by Terry Hope Romero:  Enter the protein ninja, and the recipes.

Part one: Welcome to the Protein Ninja, which explains what protein powders are and what they do. Pea protein powder, brown rice protein powder and hemp protein powder. Most of the recipes use pure, unflavored, unenriched plant based protein powders , the only exception would be the soy based smoothie bowls… yes smoothie bowls which have flavored powders. Think delicious ice cream for breakfast, only it’s a smoothie.

The protein Ninja pantry, because let’s face it, if you want to  be a real ninja you must learn how to stock your pantry properly. She also has guides for cooking and freezing.

Part 2: The recipes. I made a comment about this *is* the book that you should give a copy (or mention the name of this book) to every one who asks “But how do you get your protein.?” Let’s face it, we get enough good protein without the disadvantages of everything that comes with eating animals. One person said the book sounds good, but read a review that says Terry calls for a lot for powders. Well, that made check out all the recipes and see just how many recipes can be made with just nut, soy or legumes. There’s about 28 recipes that can be made without buying (assuming you don’t already have the powdered proteins). There’s a 100 recipes, so that’s more than a 1/4 of this book, that can be made with what you already have on hand.

I didn’t have any protein powders at home when I first received this book, and look what I made, this is a soy based protein dish- as it calls for soy. Baked veggie pan omelet:


This was really good! And of course you could add any seasonal veggies that you have on hand. But listen to these other dishes: Early bird scramble, chickpea pesto tomato toast, Tempeh bacon strips, tempeh apple sausage patties, chocolate hazelnut chickdate toast, 5- spice chickpea peanut noodle bowl, creamy tomato tofu curry with cilantro garbanzo bread- I’m just touching on a few, and now I have made myself hungry. (The dishes I just listed call for nut, soy or legume protein.) Once I buy brown rice flour, I’m going to be making chocolate chip ninja cookies. There’s also a hemp brownie recipe- no drugs involved.  Korean tofu taco salad. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of recipes I want to try, and Terry delivers again!!


Do you have this book? What is your favorite recipe?

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