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When I was visiting Edmonton, I wanted to support a local independent store and found Earths General. I highly recommend the store- not only because they have lower prices than chain stores, but I when I walked in, it just felt like I was visiting family. Michael has such an energy- a charismatic personality, you can tell he cares about people and their needs. I hate to use the word cashier, but the person running the til- was fantastic, full of energy- friendly, treated me like a friend she hasn’t seen in over 10 years without being fake. You know *that* attitude in other stores? Where you swear they are working only for commission?

Thank you Michael and family for offering an environment for the haters of shopping to actually enjoy shopping! I can’t wait to visit you again- p.s, let us know when you get the gardein pizza pockets!

Here’s a sampling of some vegan goodies in store- not all products shown are vegan, just ignore that part- just look at all the vegan deliciousness.

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Do you have a hometown store in your town or city that you love? Please let us know, we love to support local businesses even if we don’t live there. Without them, the town/city seems so cold. We need people to bring a Cheer’s like feeling. Everyone should be saying your name when you walk in 🙂

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