Keep calm and taco on, The Taco Cleanse Review and Giveaway

This book is freakin EPIC!!! There’s no other word to describe how amazing this one is.

Picture this- 4 friends sitting around eating tacos one day. One said, “Hey we should do a taco cleanse”. And that’s how it all began. Wes, Stephanie, Molly and Jessica have a great sense of humor and it shines throughout the book. You are heartless if you don’t find yourself highly amused, and you should really go eat a taco- your heart might grow a size or two. You might even end up being the greatest taco scientist of all time!

“You must make the taco you wish to eat in the world”* Gandhi

It all begins with: Is it right for you? What kind of taco eater are you,  The how’s and why of a taco cleanse, What is a taco, How to prepare for a taco cleanse, But I hate cooking, But I don’t want to give up my fav foods, 1 week meal plan (anything you cook can and should go in a taco),  How to get more taco options at your favorite Vegan restaurant, Taco journaling, Your questions answered.

“Stay strong and taco on”*

Living a taco-based Life: explaining the taco cleanse in social situations, people are going to ask, and some family members may not be on board- but the taco scientists have your back. Raising kids on a taco diet…. “perhaps the twos are so terrible because they are sorely lacking in tacos”* They made a list and suggestions on what tacos to serve at: Birthday’s (yes you can stuff a piece of cake in a taco shell. New Year’s Day, V-Day, St.Patrick’s, Easter and Passover, Memorial Day/ Independence Day/ Labour   Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah. They didn’t mention Canada Day, so I’m going to offer a suggestion- how about a butter tart taco or a tofu scramble with some coffee infused sauce? You can ask Kayla to make a recipe, I just have ideas, I don’t devolve recipes. The options are endless. Or you can make them Canadian by saying that’s one awesome taco eh 😉 Because you know every Canadian says “eh”. Of course, during your taco cleanse journey, they offer DIY supplements, such as Fundamental Margarita, Avocado Margarita, Beergarita, Mexican Martini (they even have a virgin one, so the kids can drink their supplements too). What’s my all time favorite? I would have to say Rehydrating Waterita. Anything with tequlia is approved on the taco cleanse.

“The taco cleanse isn’t about perfection it’s about being aweome.”*

They end the book with taco yoga, (because with any good diet or cleanse it’s important to work out, keep moving), taco salutations, taco mudras, how to plant a taco garden, (you never know when you might want to start another cleanse, this way you are prepared and have fresh taco ingredients) other taco related plants, crossword, How to break the taco cleanse. They say if you are not ready to eat other foods, then break the cleanse slowly- don’t be a hero. Don’t worry if you are having trouble with some of the meanings, there’s a taco science vocabulary guide for you. If you are having problems with your taco cleanse, you can look up your symptoms in the handy troubleshooting guide.

I decided to make a wake and shake scramble, which is cooked in the oven and not stove top. Throw some stuff in a bag, shake it and place it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. That easy. I also made an onion-cumin rice. I modified the rice recipe so I could cook the rice in the Instant Pot instead of stove top. I used one cup of rice with one cup broth. I used the saute function to get the flavor of the cumin seeds going on, then added the onion until I felt like they were cooked to my liking, added the rice for about a min. Turned the pot off, added the broth, used the manual button and cooked the rice for 3 mins, let the pressure come down naturally. I also made some rockin heated Living Chipotle sauce. That sauce is hot, if you don’t like heat- please don’t make your taco suffer because you can’t eat it, instead make another sauce. If you like it hot, this is the new Frank’s Red Hot, I take it back- this is is by far superior than those other sauces. I’m pretty sure I caught the sriracha tilt its cap with mad respect for this spicy orange sauce. It’s true.


Grab yourself a taco and check out the fab 4 by clicking on the following links. We will not be held responsible if you eat more than one taco while going through the posts. The Taco Cleanse Scientist can be found on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and visit them on their blog

I received a copy of the taco cleanse and am excited to host a giveaway. One lucky person will have the chance to keep the peace by offering tacos, one shell at a time 🙂

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Congratulations to Pepa J!

For a chance to win The Taco Cleanse, click on the link. I’m having problem with being able to post the image. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents. Good luck!!The winner will receive an email, once one is picked. So, keep an eye on your email, this giveaway will be opened for one week. If you enter by logging in with your Facebook  account, we will attempt to also contact you via dm on FB.

* quotes are from The Taco Cleanse.

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  1. I like black beans, roasted corn, avocado, tofu sour cream, green onions and green chile sauce.

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