Another week another challenge 

Inspired by The Food Duo’s recent posts about 30.00 dollar a week Trader Joe’s challenge, I decided to do my own challenge which I want to invite you to try. I decided that since my pantry is stocked, fridge and freezer are full- I’m not going to buy any groceries for a week. I’m guilty of seeing a recipe and thinking oh I must buy “red peppers” because the recipe calls for them, meanwhile my green pepper gets overlooked. Poor green pepper, I’m sure it cries wondering why it’s not getting any love. So, I’m putting an end to that. Green peppers deserve some love. And who cares anyways a pepper is a pepper. Unless they are calling for a hot pepper.

Mon’s meal was a potato, rice and lentil mixture, made in the IP- very easy.

Tues’s meal was pasta with red sauce with garlic bread and the Best EVER Caesar salad by Kelly and Erin, you can find that in their new book Made With Love. They own a bakery called  Kelly’s Bake Shoppe,  Located at 401 Brant Street Burlington, ON L7R2E9. I might take a road trip, just to visit.

Wed’s meal was fries, veggie burgers and chick*n strips. I ate that during #veganfoodchat, which is every Sun and Wed at 8 EST on twitter, (come and join the fun! They are also on Facebook) finally one chat that didn’t make me hungry 😉

Thurs’s meal: a risotto, with asparagus and peas, which was really yummy.

Fri’s meal: leftovers.

Baked goodies: ninja cookies from Protein Ninja. Sorry no recipe but check out Terry Romero for some recipe ideas. (Here’s a link I wrote about these Cookies)

Here are a few links to recipes that I highly recommend (the veggie burgers and chick*n strips are gardein brand). All links being posted are ones I normally make and freeze well. In fact you should make a double batch and you can have Make ahead meals. Be sure to check out Vegan in the freezer for the how-to of storing your food properly and for more meal ideas.

Dreena Burton has a wonderful hide the lentil pasta sauce that is rich and gives your noodles love, it’s nice and thick which I love. I can’t share that recipe with you, but you can find it in her book Eat, Drink and be Vegan. If you don’t have it, you should. The recipe I can share with you- would be her Nutty veggie burgers. These hold up really well. I’ve made both patties and balls with the mixture. Her chocolate chip cookies are the bomb.

Laura Theodore has a recipe for Dad’s Marinara sauce, which is perfect for all your pasta needs. It hugs your noodles perfectly, and it’s slurpy so make sure you have a napkin because you will get some sauce on your chin when you slurp your spaghetti noodles, unless you eat your pasta Lady and the Tramp style 😉

What I ended up buying this week was- a loaf of bread, ketchup, tea, veggie burgers and toothpaste. I spent $17.56. Even though I did spend money when I wasn’t going to, I still consider this a win. I didn’t need to buy the ketchup- but it was on sale 🙂 As you can see my family and I ate very good this week and healthy for the most part. Sometimes you need a burger, chicken fingers and fries.

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