What do I eat when I “fail” to prepare?

Ok, I wouldn’t call it failing, really. I just call it- having every intention of cooking, than remembering I have vegan junk in my fridge. Seeing how it was a food chat night, and it’s been a long day- I couldn’t see a reason to question why not. I did freshly chop the onion, lettuce and tomato after all 😉


What’s your fav “fast food”? And how do you dress it up, so it’s not all processed?

4 thoughts on “What do I eat when I “fail” to prepare?

  1. I’m with you on trying to refrain from the less refined foods. Potatoes anyway I can get ’em are my fav ‘fast food’ when I fail to prepare. 🙂

    1. Potatoes I love. Depending on who you talk to potatoes are good for weight loss- it depends on how you make them, or load on them.

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