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My daughter and I received a copy  of Help Yourself Cookbook by Ruby Roth, from Andrews McMeel Publishing. It has 60 plus recipes- which are easy for kids to follow along, and perfect for the parents who are trying teach their kids how to cook for the first time, or the first time that kids are cooking by themselves. Yes there’s recipes where you need to watch them, unless they are comfortable in using the stove top by themselves.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” Anonymous**

I asked my daughter some questions, because I wanted to know what she thought about the book and it turned into an interview. So, I’m sharing with you all. An 8 year old’s perspective of the book.

Q1.  What was your fav recipe so far in Help Yourself Cookbook?

E. The bright water, the strawberry flavor.

Q2. Why was it your favorite?

E. Because it was good, refreshing.

Q3. What recipe do you want to try next?

E. Sweet and sour cucumber salad. I love cucumbers, they’re yummy.

Q4. What is your fav food/meal?

E. I love snacking on strawberries, and I also look forward to pizza for dinner.

Q5. What food/meal do you dislike the most?

E. Peas- they don’t taste good. (makes a face like she’s gagging on them)

Q6. Do you find yourself wanting to try new foods when you can cook?

E. Yes, because I’ve helped make it.

Q7. How do you think other kids will like Help Yourself Cookbook?

E. I guess about 90% would like it.

Q8.  Did you find the instructions clear and easy to follow? Or did you think they didn’t make sense?

E. Most of them were easy. The toasted Tidbits was more difficult, because the stove was hot.

Q9. What would you tell the other kids about this book and working in the kitchen?

E  It’s fun. The worst part is you have to wash your hands, but you get to sample as you cook.

Q10. What advice would you give parents?

E. Let us measure out the ingredients that’s 1/2 the fun!

Q11.. If you could say or ask Ruby anything, what would it be?

E. “Can you please make a book with sonic cookies. Keep making good books and recipes”

P.S My daughter, E, would love your autograph 🙂

I love the encouraging intro, it gets kids excited to roll up their sleeves, and get cooking. Ruby explains some of the ingredients most kids or even some adults don’t know what it is- never mind on what it’s used in (like nutritional yeast, quinoa). Ruby talks about safety. Rule #1 made me smile, Ruby doesn’t want to get a time out with your child.

Help Yourself cookbook, illustrated by Ruby- has Drinks, Condiments Sauces and dips, smaller meals, bigger meals, salad’s and dressings, desserts.

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Ruby Roth’s website is We Don’t Eat Animals. Follow her on facebook, Instagram, We don’t eat animals on Instagram and twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #HelpYourselfCookbook when posting your pictures online.

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Do you cook with your kids in the kitchen? Let us know, drop us a line.

** Taken from Help Yourself Cookbook

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    1. I hope she writes another one. I see more and more kids wanting to get into the kitchen, there should be more plant based books geared for children.

  1. I’m finding the more my son joins me in the kitchen, the more open he is to different foods. I’ve been wondering about this book and so appreciate your daughter’s considered review -well done!

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