Gardein Beefless Ground

Brandie gifted me a coupon for a free Gardein product, something I have never tried before.  I got a package of Beefless Ground and found a winner first time round!  I forgot to take a pic of the front/back of the package so please have a look here for all the info:

Here’s the first dish I made using some of the beefless ground:

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The Beefless Ground sauteeing in a pan could fool any meat lover.  The meatless ‘hamburger helper’ (my own concoction) tastes way better than it looks in that pic.  If I had peas I would have added them.  I am glad I was given that coupon to try a Gardein product because I can see making several dishes from that one bag…ie sloppy joes, chili, nachos, tacos, meatless ‘hamburger helper (above) pasta w/meatless sauce, etc…awesome if you are on a tight budget and need to stretch out your meals.

Btw…a gentleman was standing in front of me taking some Gardein products….and, by some, I mean he took at least 3 bags of almost every Gardein product that was in the cooler at my Walmart….I kinda went, ‘hmm’….Now I know why he was purchasing so many Lol.


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