Friday Fun

I went to Earth’s General Store to see if I could find Butler Foods Sam’s Harvest Jerky, if you’re following me, you know I would give my left arm for this stuff- and I’m a lefty. Anyways, not only DID I find what I was looking for, I went by the chips, because I’m “stalking” to see if they have any Enjoy Life’s  Plentils. I’m pretty sure I let out an excited squeal when I discovered, they DID have them. And not just the ones I can buy at other stores, BUT the Sour cream and onion flavor. I had a huge smile on my face, I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy or something, because it’s just jerky and chips right? Oh no, they are not. One simply does not smack talk the Plentils and Harvest Jerky. Those people clearly have never tried them before. Which I kinda feel sad for them, kinda, but that means more for me 😉

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When I got into my car, Hedley’s  Loose Control was playing. How perfect THIS is how I feel:

Can I make a little toast?
Can we get a little close?
Can I get an amen?
Can I get a hell yeah?

Somebody give me a chip
I don’t need any dip

I’m gonna catch you if I can
I don’t think you understand where we’re going
When you taste it and you know
When the flavor is about to blow
And it hits you
Ooh it hits you like

In my body
In my bones
Give me the chip and free my soul
When I hear that rock and roll
Oh my god, get in my mouth
La la la la, oh oh oh
La la la la, oh oh oh
I can not let it go
Oh my god, I lose control

Like a shot to the face
Now I got a little taste
Baby I can never get enough

When you pop it in your mouth
You’re gonna love the taste

That’s all I have. lol, a little Friday fun. What snack make you loose control?

Oh, and the photo credit for the picture of the Plentils that says chips with benefits goes to the fine people over at  Plentils. 



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