Easy Air Fryer Recipes to make the Season a Little Easier

Guys, you are in for a treat! I asked my fellow bloggers for their easy air fryer meals, sides, their go-to when they are in a hurry, and this roundup is Epic! With a capital AMAZING. Vegan Lasagna For One. This is perfect for those times you are craving lasagna but don’t want to be eatingContinue reading “Easy Air Fryer Recipes to make the Season a Little Easier”

BLT and Potato Wedges Recipe

I know what you’re thinking, vegans, can’t eat BTL’s. And you would be wrong about that. Did you know that LightLife has vegan bacon? It’s pretty good. It’s not health food; it’s a treat. It cooks pretty quickly, so it’s perfect for when you need to eat in a hurry. If you bought a packageContinue reading “BLT and Potato Wedges Recipe”

Cheesy Broccoli Mac Soup from the cookbook Vegan Mac & Cheese

Robin Robertson’s latest cookbook Vegan Mac & Cheese debuted on Sept 17, 2019, which is the perfect timing because we are all wanting comfort food as the weather gets colder. Robin’s book contains more than 50 delicious Plant-Based recipes for the ultimate comfort food. You read that number correctly. I’m a fan of mac andContinue reading “Cheesy Broccoli Mac Soup from the cookbook Vegan Mac & Cheese”

Last Days of Summer

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and blogged. I’ve missed it, but life has been crazy busy yet amazing! I can’t wait to tell you about it, but today isn’t the day. Today I’m going to tell you about our last few days of Summer break. We decided to stay home the lastContinue reading “Last Days of Summer”

National Sandwich day

It’s National Sandwich Day, and I had a veggie burger for lunch, so that counts. Sorry no pictures about that… it was just a veggie burger, nothing special – no mac n cheeze added, or tater tots, or anything like that. So, for supper I pulled out another recipe that I have made before. ItContinue reading “National Sandwich day”

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