Join us on our journey to healthier living in body, mind and spirit.  So often we allow ourselves to get caught up in being busy that we don’t even realize how much stress we are living with.  We need to learn how to focus on what really matters to us and that may mean something different to everyone but that is ok because in the end the one thing we all have in common is to be happy, healthy and to have peace of mind.

There will be bumps along the road, and by no means will this blog be all roses.  We are all human and we all have our bad days, our “cheat” days, and our happy days. Here there will be no judgment. Only you can judge yourself. Our goal is to help you along with your journey, share tips and tricks of what works for us from lifestyle, with juicing, to making meals in 30 mins or less (you will find some recipes that require down time, or slow cooker meals or just special it’s- worth- it- on a date night, or just to treat- yourself- meals). We will share diy (Do-It-Yourself) recipes that are safer for you and your home.  We are learning what an awesome thing it is to choose to live without clutter and to organize our homes so that you breathe a sigh of relief when you walk through the door instead of dreading coming home.

Please feel free to ask questions.  Come on, let’s share this journey together.  And stay tuned for our 30 day challenges.

Disclaimer: All content is our own.  We are not health care professionals.  You should seek advice from your own Dr. This is what is working for us.  All material is copyrighted and can not be used without consent.

Look forward to chatting with everyone 🙂

Luv, The Flirty Girls

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