More than 150 deliciously easy vegan recipes for a long, healthy, satisfied, joyful life by Jason Wrobel– will have you eating for better sex, good sleep, weight loss, happiness and good mood, more energy, detoxification, brain power, more muscle, immunity, strong bones, great skin, strong eyesight, a healthy heart, for less stress…. did I mentionContinue reading “Eaternity”

Made With Love CookBook, Interview, Review And More

We are excited beyond words to be able to post an interview with Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie the authors of Made With Love, More than 100 Sweet and Savory Plant-Based Recipes For Every Moment in Life.   See that gorgeous cover? Doesn’t it make you want cookies? All photographs are that delicious looking. TheContinue reading “Made With Love CookBook, Interview, Review And More”

What’s That On My Lettuce?

…zucchini, Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, green bell pepper In pan – add a dash of sesame oil, chopped garlic/onions, curry powder, a pinch of minced ginger/garlic/chili, a pinch of black pepper, a splash of Tamari…to that add the veggies, stir for a minute or two then place on top of lettuce of choice…mine was romaine…Yummo!  

Vegan Under Pressure

Jill Nussinow’s (aka The Veggie Queen) latest book is called  Vegan Under Pressure. If you are looking for a lot of processed ingredients, this book is not for you. If you are looking for tasteful wholesome, plant based foods ready  in a matter of minutes, with a great variety of recipes- then stick around becauseContinue reading “Vegan Under Pressure”

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