Beat The Heat With These Cool Summer Eats

Chia Spiced Chia Pudding. Dessert for breakfast? Yes please!! Photo credit goes to Becky from Glue and Glitter. 2. Raw spiralized thai salad. Photo credit goes to Rebecca from  Strength and Sunshine.   3. Lazy falafel. This recipe knows me so well. I love easy recipes. Photo credit goes to Rhian from Rhian’s Recipes. 4. Easy veganContinue reading “Beat The Heat With These Cool Summer Eats”

What’s For Breakfast by Dianne Wenz, review, recipe and giveaway

21 vegan recipes to jump start your day. This e-book is perfect for anyone who loves breakfast foods. Enjoy a hearty scramble at dinner or oatmeal for lunch, a juice for breakfast. What’s for Breakfast is divided by scrambles, porridges and puddings, drinks, I heart carbs, brunch and the basics. In the part The Basics, Dianne has aContinue reading “What’s For Breakfast by Dianne Wenz, review, recipe and giveaway”

Frozen ‘Hot Chocolate’ Smoothie!

The name of the smoothie grabbed my attention so I had to give it a try.  It is as delicious as it sounds and super easy to do.  This came from the cookbook Vegetarian Times Everything Vegan.   The book has 250+ easy, healthy recipes…many of which I plan on trying 🙂 Vegetarian-Times-Everything-Vegan-ebook Vegetarian-Times-Everything-Vegan-Hardcover

Guess What’s in My Smoothie? :)

I Love Smoothies 1 apple 1 banana 2 kiwis 1/2 cup red cabbage  <—–  You heard me right  🙂 1 cup water You can’t even taste the red cabbage, but look how pretty it is….and soooo tasty

Gardein Pocket Meal

Gardein has gone and done it again!  I was gifted this gardein pocket meal to try and yummo!  If I had Frank’s Red Hot sauce, I would have splashed some on, but the pocket meal was delicious enough by itself.  Kale, barley, sun-dried tomatoes, non-gmo…what more could you ask for?  Another gardein winner in myContinue reading “Gardein Pocket Meal”

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