My 2015 reflection *cheers*

A reflection back on 2015: Not a smooth year, it had ups and downs. It went by way too quickly. My kids are getting older giving me insight to what teenage years could be like- yikes! I’m grateful for opportunities to be able to be a recipe tester for people I admire and who areContinue reading “My 2015 reflection *cheers*”

How to beat a vegan in an Aurgument

HOW TO BEAT A VEGAN IN AN ARGUMENT: Your step-by-step guide to justifying killing animals and destroying the planet… Step 1: REMIND THEM THAT HUMANS HAVE BEEN EATING MEAT FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS No vegans are aware of this, but one thing they are aware of is that if humans have been doing something forContinue reading “How to beat a vegan in an Aurgument”

Remembrance Day

Today, we are going to take a moment to honor the men and women who have risked their lives to make ours better. Many died, many didn’t return to their loved ones the same person that they were before they left. It is said over at Canadian War Museum that over 100,000 people died during theContinue reading “Remembrance Day”

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