Halloween 2015

I love Halloween, actually I love anything that involves parties and food. We celebrated Halloween on Nov 1, due to a personal choice. No, I didn’t take my kids out to knock on doors to beg strangers for candy that would still be around come Easter. Instead, I made some yummy food from Kathy Hester’sContinue reading “Halloween 2015”

Girls just wanna bake cupcakes

pulled out an old favourite last night Cupcakes take over the world. My daughter and I got to work. We used the recipe Golden Vanilla Cupcakes found on page 33. Simple, quick, and hits the spot after a long and exhausting week. If I had ice cream I would have a few scoops, but sinceContinue reading “Girls just wanna bake cupcakes”

Brussels sprout fried rice

    This a quick and easy weeknight meal. I know a lot of people hate Brussels sprouts- but this dish makes the mini cabbages taste like more. Normally you would use left over rice to make fried rice, but this was a last minute decision. I used my instant pot to make the rice,Continue reading “Brussels sprout fried rice”

Chocolate Sin- I mean pudding

I call it chocolate sin, Isa calls it chocolate pudding. Same thing really. It’s too easy to make, too tasty to stop eating. Recipe from Vegan with a vengeance

Cumin inspired rice with toasted almonds

If you are looking for a great rice dish with a little something extra this dish is for you. Takes almost no effort to make, except it tastes like you slaved all day long. You could skip the step of toasting the almonds, but I will let you on something- the almonds are the starContinue reading “Cumin inspired rice with toasted almonds”

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