Checking out some Christmas lights

My kids don’t ask for much, yes I’m lucky. So when they asked to take the long way home last night to look at the lights, I couldn’t say no. Even though I was tired and couldn’t wait to put on my pj’s. Check out some of the lights:  yes that is the frozen queenContinue reading “Checking out some Christmas lights”

Flower pencil craft

My daughter loves her crafts. Any kind. Painting, colouring, drawing, gluing, cutting, crafts for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, crafts just because. I came across a post of one of my fb friends and she made flower pencils with her kiddo. I showed my minion the picture and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree, possiblyContinue reading “Flower pencil craft”

Morning fresh air photo

How can something be so beautiful yet ugly all in one?! The sunrise is beautiful. Love the colours, and the fact that the sun is waking up. But it’s ugly because it was past 8 am :/ Only a few more months before the sun will be awake before me. And the sound of theContinue reading “Morning fresh air photo”

Remembrance Day

Today, we are going to take a moment to honor the men and women who have risked their lives to make ours better. Many died, many didn’t return to their loved ones the same person that they were before they left. It is said over at Canadian War Museum that over 100,000 people died during theContinue reading “Remembrance Day”

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