National chocolate cake day

Winner winner chocolate cake dinner!! And yes, I might have had chocolate cake for dinner. Why not? Chocolate comes from a bean and beans are a part the food groups right? I should really draw you Brandie’s food pyramid, you could get behind that one 😉 I turned to Isa does it, I haven’t cookedContinue reading “National chocolate cake day”

Let them eat all the cake- Zombie cake

So apparently my Go Vegan app is M.I.A. I mean how can you just lose an app? I didn’t delete it, it’s not even showing up in my purchases. AND from what I can tell, it’s only available in the US, which c’mon, I bought this a few years ago. I call b.s on thisContinue reading “Let them eat all the cake- Zombie cake”

Wacky Cake

I have no idea who invented this cake, but it is believed it had to do with rationing during the war. It can be topped with icing, ice cream, dusting of powered sugar, or just leave it plain. As tomorrow is Remembrance Day, I thought that this cake should be made. Once I bake it,Continue reading “Wacky Cake”

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