30 + minutes Exercise Done!

Yesterday – 40 minutes walking (while doing errands…luv it!). +20 squats, 25 crunches and 2 sets 15 reps each biceps/triceps…I didn’t do the squats/crunches and arms while out doing errands…I did those at home…LOL Today- 20 minutes on recumbent bike (at home) + 35 minutes walking so far…day isn’t done yet…!!  🙂

Thursday Morning Wake Up

90 crunches done!…ooooh… Juice made…juicer cleaned and ready to go for next time Shower taken Juice drank…drunk…err…I drank the juice I made Ready for my day Tell us about your day.  What gets your engine revved up and ready to go?  

Hump Day

Woke up and got my 85 crunches in. I enjoyed a nice watermelon, lime and pineapple juice. I will have to upload it later. But this juice I had yesterday- carrot, apple and lemon. I call it pucker up and kiss me. I use granny smith apples and they make you pucker. Try it, youContinue reading “Hump Day”

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