Friday Fun

I went to Earth’s General Store to see if I could find Butler Foods Sam’s Harvest Jerky, if you’re following me, you know I would give my left arm for this stuff- and I’m a lefty. Anyways, not only DID I find what I was looking for, I went by the chips, because I’m “stalking”Continue reading “Friday Fun”

Vegan Snack Down, the double onion ring

The other week, a video about double decker onion rings popped up on my facebook page. It wasn’t vegan, but easy enough to make it vegan, as I was watching the video, I knew exactly what I was going to use. Of course, I re-facebooked it and said- now picture this but use flax egg and yourContinue reading “Vegan Snack Down, the double onion ring”

Munch Better teams up with Enjoy Life foods May Allergy Awareness Month

Munch Better is a Canadian company that puts about 5-8 products together and sends a snack box out to you for a  small charge. You subscribe, they deliver and what you get in the snack box? It’s like Christmas. You don’t know until you receive it. Seriously, isn’t that the best? I love a good surprise.Continue reading “Munch Better teams up with Enjoy Life foods May Allergy Awareness Month”

Ninja Cookies

I made the recipe for Ninja cookies from Terry Romero’s new book Protein Ninja. I used my trusty chippits from Enjoy Life*, and the brown sugar from Wholesome Sweet, and a brown rice protein from North Coast Naturals.   *enjoy life picture is used with permission. All vegan and non gmo. The Brown rice protein andContinue reading “Ninja Cookies”

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