My Last Gardein Black Bean Burger

It is with a heavy heart and bittersweet emotions that I am writing this post tonight. If you know me, you know how much I love Gardein. I love everything single thing they make, except the fishless things. I’ve always hated the smell and taste of fish. If you like fish, I highly recommend thisContinue reading “My Last Gardein Black Bean Burger”

Gardein Pocket Meal

Gardein has gone and done it again!  I was gifted this gardein pocket meal to try and yummo!  If I had Frank’s Red Hot sauce, I would have splashed some on, but the pocket meal was delicious enough by itself.  Kale, barley, sun-dried tomatoes, non-gmo…what more could you ask for?  Another gardein winner in myContinue reading “Gardein Pocket Meal”

Gardein Beefless Ground – My ‘Meatless’ Pasta

My second recipe using gardein Beefless Ground is very simple yet very tasty.  Pasta (of your choice), pasta sauce (of your choice) sautee some Beefless Ground, mix together and enjoy.   Beefless Ground and other yummy gardein products

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