Went for a walk…

I love walking….especially at night…

30 Minutes Exercise Done!

20 minute walk 10 squats Some tummy ‘ups/ins’….luv these things…can do them standing/sitting/laying down Stretching (hip flexors) Up/down 4 flights of stairs 3x Butt/thighs isometrics a few times Woohoo…done!  🙂  

30 Minutes Exercise Done!

This  how I got it done today! 15 minutes vacuuming. 4x up/down 4 flights of stairs 15 minutes scraping snow off sidewalk (leftover remnants from the other day) 10 squats – and, no, not while I was outside scraping sidewalk 🙂 Some tummy ups/ins <- luv these things Woohoo!  Done!  

30 Minutes Exercise Done in -15 weather…Woohoo!

35 minute walk…sun was shining, snow was glistening, tip of nose was chilly and red…I probably could have guided a sleigh…LOL. Apparently it was about -15 when I decided to go out…  🙂

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